Resources for Securing Mac OS X Panther, Tiger and Leopard

I will  be the first to admit that I am primarily a Windows and Linux user.  Not that I don’t like Macs, but the majority of my client base is single platform on the desktop (Windows) and either Windows or Linux servers. 

My lack of exposure to Macs, and subsequent lack of OS X-specific security understanding was made apparent to me this past week when I met with a large new educational client that was previously 95% Mac on the desktop.  Now they are down to about 50-50 Mac/PCs with a new mandate to become single platform, meaning converting from OS X to strictly Windows on the desktop.

I’m going to be making recommendations that will help this migration process, but in the meantime I have to make an assessment of their existing network and computing infrastructure, including down to the desktop level.  One of the assessment items includes workstation security, and like I said before, this is a major hole in my IT skillset, so I’m taking a crash course in OS X security this week.

I wanted to find a few online resources to prep with before I jumped head on into this project.  I know no one can become a security guru in a week, but everyone has to start somewhere.  I’m hoping my Linux security background will make digesting the OS X security information easier, but that is to be seen.

Here’s some of the resources I’ve found online that others may find usefull:

I’ve also ordered Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security by Charles Stephen Edge Jr.