Interesting technical links for Monday July 7

The Sean Blog points out that Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008 has been updated to include information on tweaking Hyper-V, Microsoft’s forthcoming server virtualization product.

Jeff at the EXPTA blog explains how to remove information about your internal network infrastructure from the SMTP headers on Exchange 2007 using a concept called Header Firewall. This is done using the remove-adpermission cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell.

Now that Hyper-V has been officially released, check out the release notes. I found it interesting that there are three known issues with backup:

  • The data on the physical disk attached to a virtual machine, or on the Internet SCSI (iSCSI) disk attached to the guest operating system will not be included in backup when a virtual machine has either a physical disk or an iSCSI disk attached. To fix this issue, utilize backup agents inside the virtual machine and individually back up each virtual machine as if it is a physical computer.
  • Virtual machines that have dynamic volumes inside the guest operating system are supported for offline backup only when the guest operating system is configured to use dynamic disks in Disk Manager. When attempting a backup of such a virtual machine, it is saved and subsequently resumed, during the backup process. Even if the virtual machine is running, only an offline backup is taken. To avoid this issue, when using online backup, one should only use a basic disk. To fix this, either use offline backups or convert the dynamic disk to a basic disk.
  • If you restore a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) based backup of a virtual machine while it is running, the virtual machine may end up in an inconsistent state. To avoid this issue, ensure that the running virtual machine is not selected in the backup application before starting the VSS restore operation, ensure that the virtual machine is turned off prior to starting the VSS restore operation or, if doing a system-wide restore, ensure that all of the virtual machines are turned off.

Lee Desmond has a short video showing the essential steps for a basic setup and configuration of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 on Windows Server 2008 RTM.

John Howard from Microsoft explains how basic networking works in Hyper-V, and makes a few configuration recommendations as well.

Remko explains how to resume the download manager when downloading from Microsoft’s volume license site fails by running C:\Windows\DOWNLO~1\CONFLICT.1\Manager.exe.