After upgrading to BES 4.1.3 or higher for Groupwise, excessive GWXMLData::ContactSyncRecordToXML warnings appear in the Windows Application log

Blackberry KB15941 exlains that starting with BES 4.1, additional warnings are logged to the Blackberry Messaging and Windows Application log.  These warnings are informational in nature, and do not indicate a problem.

If you’d like to reduce or eliminate these messages, KB04342 says to edit the EventLogLevel DWORD value  of the appropriate BES service located at : 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Research In Motion\Blackberry Enterprise Server\Logging Info
DWORD values and Event Types correspond as follows:
0 = Disable all event logging
1 = Errors
2 = Warnings
3 = Information
4 = Debug
5 = Other
Unforturnately, I was unable to determine which service was generating these excessive GWXMLData warnings, so I had to contact RIM directly.  Their response was that the Mailbox Agent service needs to have it’s EventLogLevel changed to 1, which would log errors only.
I made this change on my BES server, and the event logs are now much slimmer!