SQL query to find BES UserID

Had a support call today about a user not receiving email on his Blackberry device.  After a phone call to Research in Motion, we determined the user was out of the coverage area.  Very frustrating.  All the information was in the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s MAGT log, I just didn’t know how to find it.  Here’s how I figured it out.

Previously I had posted the following SQL query that determines a user’s name based upon the BES ID number.

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (Id = ‘73′)

I changed the query around to find the BES UserID based upon the UserName:

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (UserName = ‘jsmith’)

This query gave me the BES UserID, which was 779 in my case.

I then opened up the BES MAGT log, and searched for the following string:

UserId: 779 is out of coverage

I found it repeatedly.  My user was out of coverage all day, which is why no mail  was received on his Blackberry.

How to remotely wipe a media card in a BlackBerry smartphone

I was very excited to see the KB17776 article released by Research In Motion today entitled How to remotely wipe an installed microSD media card in a BlackBerry smartphone.  Just yesterday we had a Storm stolen, and I was wondering how to wipe the media card.

Unfortunately, this has to be the most useless KB article ever.  I would assume any document with the words “How To” in the title would actually detail how to do something…  Here’s the remainder of the document in it’s entirety:

An installed microSD media card cannot be wiped remotely.

This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

Fix: Blackberry Media Manager exits with R6025 pure virtual function call error

My Blackberry Media Manager kept exiting on me when trying to access the Media stored on my Blackberry Storm.  The specific error was:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library X Runtime Error!

Program: C:\program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\Mediamanager9.exe

R6025 – pure virtual function call

The problem ended up being that the RoxMediaDB9 service was disabled.

I changed the service from disabled to manual (could have been set to automatic if I wanted it to start following each reboot), started the RoxMediaDB9 service, which allowed Media Manager to start without issue.

SQL Query to determine Blackberry MDS Services administration password

I was troubleshooting a Blackberry Manager problem today that required the BES MDS credentials.  The admin thought he knew what the credentials were, but wasn’t sure.  So I wrote the following SQL query and ran it against the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s BesMgmt database to get the user name and password:  

Use BesMgmt
WSAdminUserName, WSAdminPassword
from dbo.MDSAGConfig
Replace BesMgmt with the name of your BES database if you are not using the default database name.
See RIM KB15618 for additional details on how to reset the BES MDS Services administration password.

Fix: HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large on Blackberry

I was attempting to load a rather large web page on my Blackberry today, and received  the following error:

 HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large on Blackberry
Here’s how I fixed it.
  1. Open Blackberry Manager, selected the affected Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).
  2. Highlight servername_MDS-CS_1
  3. Select the Connections Tab and click Edit Properties > General > Flow Control
  4. Increase the KB/Connection setting (maximum is 1024, or 1MB)
  5. Restart the Blackberry MDS Connection Service
I was then able to view the large web page on my Blackberry.


Found the following messages in my Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 MAGT log file this morning.  I hadn’t noticed them previously, so I did some digging to find out their origin.



Wrote a quick SQL query that I ran against the Besmgmt database to find out who was user ID 73. 

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (Id = ’73’)

The results returned were:

73 Amy Jones ajones

I verified that Amy Jones was still listed as a user in Blackberry Manager.  She was, so I looked at her Groupwise account.  Apparently our User Access group had disabled her Groupwise account while she was on leave from the company.  Disabling the account is what caused the above entries in the log files.

Howto: Export a list of all BES users via the Blackberry Manager tool

A supervisor requested a list of all Blackberry Enterprise Server users in our organization.  I knew if I had the BES resource kit installed I could provide management with a number of reports, but I didn’t have time to go through that process.  Here’s how I quickly exported the list of users through Blackberry Manager 4.1.6:

  1. Open Blackberry Manager 
  2. Highlight Blackberry Domain 
  3. Select the All Users tab
  4. Highlight the entire list of users by selecting the first user, then selecting the last user while holding down the shift key. 
  5. With all the users highlighted, right click a user to bring up the context menu 
  6. Select Export Asset Summary Data
Save the file to a convienent location.  The file will be saved in .txt format, but you can change the file extension to .csv, then open the document in Excel to remove columns or sort data.
If you have multiple BES servers in your environment and only want to list users on a particular server, perform the same steps as above, but instead of selecting Blackberry domain, highlight the server in question and select the Users tab instead of All Users.