SQL query to find BES UserID

Had a support call today about a user not receiving email on his Blackberry device.  After a phone call to Research in Motion, we determined the user was out of the coverage area.  Very frustrating.  All the information was in the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s MAGT log, I just didn’t know how to find it.  Here’s how I figured it out.

Previously I had posted the following SQL query that determines a user’s name based upon the BES ID number.

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (Id = ‘73′)

I changed the query around to find the BES UserID based upon the UserName:

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (UserName = ‘jsmith’)

This query gave me the BES UserID, which was 779 in my case.

I then opened up the BES MAGT log, and searched for the following string:

UserId: 779 is out of coverage

I found it repeatedly.  My user was out of coverage all day, which is why no mail  was received on his Blackberry.

One Response to “SQL query to find BES UserID”

  1. Dale Says:

    The way I do it, is ask the user if they can see the BlackBerry “Berries” in the Wireless Status indicator area.

    If they have not, we’ll try and get them working with a WiFI connection for email. (http://bit.ly/epEvJ)

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