The best MSI Extractor

I’ve written in the past about how to extract MSI files at the Windows command prompt, and how to extract the .msi files and edit them using UniExtract and Orca.

I think I now have a new favorite tool for extracting .MSI files, and it’s called Less MSIerables (lessmsi) by Scott Willeke.  It can be run from the GUI, from the command line, or from the Windows right click context menu.

Using the GUI, you can extract the entire contents of a .msi file, or just certain files.  The command line syntax is:

lessmsi -x <inputfile> <output directory>


lessmsi -x “C:\Downloads\ActiveReports for .NET Setup.msi”

Download the utility and check it out! (Note: Alternate download site here)

4 Responses to “The best MSI Extractor”

  1. Brainsick Patterns — No Code Relation » Blog Archive » Tech Recipes and Other Goodies Says:

    […] there is “The best MSI Extractor” article by Julie Smith… smart chick whoever she […]

  2. Scott Willeke Says:

    A new significant release of the Less MSIerables tool was made. You can read more at the following link

  3. Andy Smith Says:

    Well check out MsiTools hosted on – i ilke that even better, with it’s tree view as well !!

  4. Vladyck Says:

    Thanks a lot. Very useful etc.

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