Viewing Pending Messages by user in Blackberry Manager

After our recent upgrade of our Blackberry Enterprise Server from version 4.0.7 to 4.1.14, I  noticed the total pending message counts shown in the BES MAGT log file never droppped below 275.  I was concerned about this, thinking that the server was busy and could never get all messages processed, even during times of light usage, like in the middle of the night.  

I later found that the Pending Data Packets field can be added within Blackberry Manager.  This allowed me to sort by users with the most pending messages.  Identifying these users, and corresponding the Last Contact Time allowed me to determine which users are probably no longer with the company.  A quick call to HR verified my hypothesis, and after removing these users my pending message counts dropped to a more reasonable amount.
To view the BES pending message counts:
1.  Launch Blackberry Manager
2.  Highlight the BES server name, and select Users
3.  From the View menu, select Choose Columns
4.  Under Available Columns, select Pending Data Packets and click  Insert > OK
5.  Click the Pending Data Packets column to sort by users with the most pending requests.

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