Howto: Disable the clicking sound in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer

The clicking sound that Windows plays when you click on a link in Internet Explorer or open a folder in Windows Explorer can get annoying. 

Here’s how to disable the sound in Windows XP:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices
  2. Click the Sounds tab
  3. Scroll down the list under Program Events. Under the Windows Explorer section, highlight Start Navigation.
  4. Under the Sounds box, select (None) > OK, close Control Panel

Here’s how to disable the sound in Windows Vista:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Sound
  2. Click the Sounds tab
  3. Scroll down the list under Program. Under the Windows Explorer section, highlight Start Navigation.
  4. Under the Sounds box, select (None) > OK, close Control Panel

You should no longer hear the clicking noise when you select links in Internet Explorer or open directories in Windows Explorer.

28 Responses to “Howto: Disable the clicking sound in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks! I have been muting my computer on and off for years whenever that dratted clicking noise got on my nerves. Now I don’t have to anymore.

  2. Lee Churchill Says:

    Thank you. Now if I can just find a way that my websites can disable this default feature of Windows Explorer, I’ll be in business. Unfortunately, about two thirds of users are still using Explorer, which seems to like sabotaging the designers audio/visual design with these arbitrary clicks. It’s frustrating for both users and designers.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Under the same screen, I selected no sounds for all of it…and poof, it worked! LOL, fixed my problem, not sure if it created another though.

  4. Disable Internet Explofer Sound in Windows 7 Says:

    Here’s how to disable the Internet Explorer clicking sound in Windows 7.

  5. i8pikachu Says:

    That has to be the most annoying sound. Why MS decided to continue this archaic sound through the few generations of IE is mystifying. It makes even the newer versions sound like an old, slow computer.

  6. Akrid Says:

    I can’t disable mine, I did the instructions and it reverts to the default again. And yes I did click apply.

    • muumi Says:

      same problem, windows reverts changes to default when clicking apply even if saving profile first

      • Akrid Says:

        I fixed it by finding the sound file and deleting it.

  7. fenderchris Says:

    Since installing SP3 the Windows Explorer sounds can not be turned off! – After going through the steps described above, the system does not retain the changes.

    I am using XP SP3 in a recording studio where we use very high speaker levels, so this click is a serious health risk (apart from the constant danger that the click will blow the speakers) – Microsoft need to fix this immediately.

    • Akrid Says:

      Find the sound file and delete it. You can find it in C:\WINDOWS\Media Just look for the name of the sound you don’t want and rename the file or delete it with vengeance as i did.

      • jiali Says:

        thank you so much! finally it is fixed.. thanks

  8. mspence Says:

    Yes, deleting it seemed to work. God it is annoying, isn’t it?

    (Note: Look in Media, it should be listed as Windows Navigation Start Loud).

  9. Johnny Says:

    Thanks for the tip Akrid – deleting is the only option.

  10. Mark Says:

    Thanks-this helps when listening with headphones.

  11. Sean Fitzgerald Says:

    Thanks for recommending deleting the sound file. That’s the only way I was able to get rid of it.

  12. LEE Says:


  13. archie Says:

    Thank you! Thank you!
    Finally got rid of that!!!
    I already thought it was some kind of virus that I cannot catch… Thanks!

  14. Chris Says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG THANK YOU!!!! I have been going nuts for days now. Now I am finally free of that stupid start navigation sound!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  15. Niall Says:

    Thanks for the deletion tip! Finally rid of that damn clicking torture.

  16. Geoff Says:

    I think I found an alternative workaround to this bug in Windows XP.
    You can open up the registry editor, find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\ and delete the values of .current and .default for each of the actions. As ever, take care when editing the Windows registry directly as you can potentially seriously damage your computer.

    • Tony Says:

      Yes Geoff, that worked for me. Ta.

  17. G.I JOE Says:

    Finally That ANNOYiNG Fukkkin’ Sound is GONE.

  18. Eli Says:

    I found out that what makes the clicking sound at my PC was the Google bar in internet explorer which was making the sound when blocking a popup.
    I clicked on the Settings in the bar and disabled the souns.
    Now I can hear my music while browsing the net safely 🙂

  19. hello Says:

    THANK YOU!! that clicking sound is sooo ANNOYING! 😀

  20. hello Says:

    found a way for windows 7 which i have!

  21. Disable Annoying Clicking Sound in IE :: TinyHacker Says:

    […] Disable Clicking Sound in Internet Explorer jQuery(function($) { var o = $('div#showHideCommentsWrapper'); var s = $('a#showHideCommentsShow'); var h = $('a#showHideCommentsHide'); { e.preventDefault(); s.hide();;; }); $('a#showHideCommentsHide').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); h.hide();; o.hide(); }); }); Click here to leave a comment Click here to hide the comments Posted on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 at 5:27 pm in internet explorer, tweaking […]

  22. michelle Says:

    thanks a million guys, this was driving me crazy.

  23. Ex MicroSofty Says:

    I thought Windows users enjoyed being tortured? Isn’t this an essential part of the “Windows Experience”?

    I gave a friend a linux box that ran without problems for over year. His friends kids used to come over and play Unreal Tournament on it. The thing just worked.

    Then one day he decided that he needed to be “compatible with the latest software” and went out bought a Windows box.
    He’s suffered from one problem or another ever since. Kids are now not allowed near the new computer. (It’s simply too fragile for that.) And he’s always complaining about how slow the system is and is constantly being pestered to update this or that. I keep telling him that what is happening is the REAL “Windows Experience” not the one in the marketing hype.

    The “Windows Paradigm” has no respect for your time, money or your sanity. Why Microsoft “Cool-Aide drinkers” still slurp this crap down is beyond me.

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