Incorrect time stamp on Groupwise email messages after migrating to new server

Last weekend I migrated a Groupwise 7.0.3HP1 post office, it’s POA, it’s domain and MTA from Netware 6.5.5 to Windows 2003 R2 SP2.  The migration was smooth, one I’d performed several times before. 

All of a sudden, some of our users in a different time zone were reporting that certain (but not all) incoming email messages were timestamped one hour in the future.  We did some basic troubleshooting, and found the following to be the case:
1.  Appointments always showed the correct time, no matter what time zone they originated from.
2.  All affected users were on one server.  These users were all physically located in the Central Time Zone (CST).
3.  Other users physically located in CST with mailboxes on different post office servers were not experiencing issues with incorrect time stamps on messages.
4.  All Groupwise post office servers are physically located in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).
Further troubleshooting showed that this problematic post office was configured in ConsoleOne for CST at both the Post Office and Domain level.  Client workstations were configured to use CST.  The time zone setting in WebAccess was ruled out since all affected users were using the thick Groupwise client.
TID 3218634 goes into great detail explaining all the locations that can affect time settings.  In the end, I just changed the time zone from EST to CST on the affected Windows post office server.  
I did not need to restart the POA for the change to be implemented – email time stamps were once again back to normal for CST users.

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