Howto: Edit network card bindings in Windows Server 2008

Figuring out how to edit the order of NIC bindings on a Windows 2008 Server took quite a bit of Googling. It seems that you need to know a secret key combination to be able to view the Advanced tab, where the option to edit the NIC bindings is located.

To edit the network card binding order in Windows Server 2008:

Login to the server with administrative credentials

Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

On the left hand side select Manage network connections

Press Alt+N to display the Advanced menu

Select Advanced Settings. On the Adapters and Bindings tab, highlight your NIC and use the arrows on the right hand side to adjust it’s binding order.

You can also access the Network Connections screen directly by clicking Start > Run , typing ncpa.cpl and pressing Enter

6 Responses to “Howto: Edit network card bindings in Windows Server 2008”

  1. Geoffrey Says:

    Many thanks!

    This setting is more hidden than a Freemason secret handshake.

  2. kebunanggur Says:

    hi there,
    is there a file that contain bindings?
    i created a site trough iis and want to create a lot of bindings for subdomain.
    but, doing with the menu trough iis is painfull, hope that theres a shortcut for adding multiple bindings at once


  3. tony Says:

    Thank you Julie.

    That helped a lot.

    • Ben Gleiberman Says:

      nice work!
      now i did a dumb thing, and deleted all of the server nics, then rebooted the server SBS 2008
      now i cant login to reload any of the nics or drivers…

      preamble was trying to team on an HP DL380 G4… blue screen’d, rebooted & tried to un-team
      uninstalled the HP software – nic came back, but was unable to configure due to
      another product viewing the page – found registry ‘lock’ entry 6to2.dll

      i think i am in trouble!!!
      any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

      • Andrew Duffin Says:

        Last Known Good?

  4. Richard Powers Says:

    Thanks Julie.

    Appreciate the post. Putting you on my list

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