Howto: Change the IP address of a Dell 4/P DRAC from the command line without rebooting the server

Normally you configure a Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC) when a server is initially commissioned. Once the card is set, administrators rarely if ever need to modify the settings. If you do need to change the settings, the server needs to be restarted so the DRAC BIOS can be modified, which obviously results in system downtime and requires a physical presence at the server console.

I had Dell onsite at one of my remote offices 150 miles away from me today. The tech replaced the DRAC, and once he verified the RAC service started on the Windows 2003 server he was out of there. No one onsite was technical enough to change the DRAC’s default IP address of to a real IP on our subnet, so I had to change in via the Dell racadm command line tool.

Here’s how I changed the DRAC’s IP address:

The DRAC 4/P software is installed into the C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\RAC4 directory by default, so I changed to this directory from a command prompt.

Next I used the racadm.exe utility to configure the DRAC’s TCP/IP settings:

racadm setniccfg -s

where is the ip address I want assigned to the DRAC is the DRAC’s subnet mask is the default gateway used by the DRAC

That’s it! I was immediately able to browse to and login to the DRAC with the default account root and default password calvin. No server restart is required.

12 Responses to “Howto: Change the IP address of a Dell 4/P DRAC from the command line without rebooting the server”

  1. netmon Says:

    Thanks, worked perfectly

  2. Roman Diaz - Threadfin Says:

    I was lost in the 50 page manual trying to find this simple command

  3. Max Ustinov Says:

    Nice article and is very helpful. You may want to mention Dell OMSA Managed Node an/or other way of installing/running racadm.exe

  4. Steven Saehrig Says:

    Thank you so much I had the same problem. this helped me out a ton.

  5. Dan Says:

    Thank you. That worked great!

  6. Nacho Says:

    Don’t you know how can I do to view the DRAC IP Address from Windows?

    • Julie Says:

      From the server run

      racadm getniccfg


  7. Jody Falcon Says:

    Do you know how to do this on a Linux server? I did a search for racadm and could not find it. Using Redhat 4.2 on a Dell PE 6800. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  8. NeoKorteX Says:

    Mabye this can help?

  9. Sridhar Says:

    How can i Set the card for an Auto nic speed through DRAC. from windows cmd.

    Thanks in advance,

  10. Derek Goudie Says:

    Thanks Julie…I too looked for a long time to find this very simple and *very* helpful post. Cheers!

  11. Aravinda Bhat Says:

    This is very helpful. Works fine with RAC5 too!!

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