Howto: Remove a Groupwise email message using IMAP, Telnet, and a Trusted Application

I have an Outlook XP user who connects back to her Groupwise 7.0.3HP1 Post Office via IMAP.  She uses Outlook rather than the Groupwise client because she needs to use ACT! to manage her customer base.  On occasion, she receives the following message in Outlook:

Your server has reported a UID which does not comply with the IMAP standard.  This typically indicates a server bug.  Your program may not function properly after this.

MSGSeqNum 5181, New UID 62463.  Prev UID: 64263, Next UID:0

I can typically get rid of this eror by connecting to her Groupwise post office with telnet and the trusted application we use for message archival, and manually removing the affected UID by following this procedure:

1.  Type CMD.EXE from the Run prompt.

2.  Type
telnet 143
and hit enter,  where is the IP address of the GroupWise Mail Server and 143 is the port of the desired Post Office.

3.  Type
at the telnet prompt and hit enter, a + symbol will be shown on the next line.

4.  Paste
where <KEY64> is the Trusted Applications’s encoded key.

A result of “A10 OK XGWTRUSTEDAPP authentication successful” means the trusted application key was accepted. Any other response means there is an error with the trusted application key, which can result from the key value being incorrect or not being replicated yet.

5.  Type
A20 LOGIN username “” 
where username is the login name of the user whose mailbox you are attempting to access.

6.  Type

7.  To mark the message message with UID of 62463 as seen and deleted (required for expunge to process) Type

8.  To remove the messages, Type
A50 expunge

9.  Type
q logout 
to exit the telnet session.

2 Responses to “Howto: Remove a Groupwise email message using IMAP, Telnet, and a Trusted Application”

  1. JohnJones Says:

    thanks for this very interesting does ACT produce the duplicate UID by inserting messages via IMAP ?


    John Jones

  2. Jase Pine Says:

    Some really usefull information here if you pay attention, thanks

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