Fix: Groupwise Document Viewer error GWDVA MapSCCErrtoGWDCAErr – SCCErr=11

We have recently begun loading our Netware 6.5.5/Groupwise 7.0.3 WebAccess servers into their own memory spaces in order to aleviate the occurance of the following Groupwise Document Viewer Agent error that has caused WebAccess to become unresponsive after a number of occurances:

TID 7001663 and TID 7001657 say that this is a known bug in GW 7.0.3 HP1 that has been reported to engineering and development.
In order to greatly lessen the occurances of these errors, we did the following to load Groupwise WebAccess into it’s own memory space:
1)  Edit sys:\system\strtweb.ncf
2)  Replace
load sys:\system\gwinter @webac703.waa
load address space=webaccmem sys:\system\gwinter @webac703.waa
Where webaccmem is an arbitrary name I chose for the memory space and webac703.waa is the name of your webaccess configuration file.
3)  Edit sys:\system\stopweb.ncf
4)  Replace
unload gwinter
unload address space=webaccmem
5) Unload the old webaccess agent from the server console by typing
unload gwinter
6)  Load WebAccess into protected memory from the server console by typing
Make sure to execute stopweb.ncf rather than unloading WebAccess by pressing F7 from the agent screen on the server console when unloading from memory.  Pressing F7 will cause the memory allocated to the webaccmem address space not to be available for re-allocation.

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