Duplicate messages saved in Groupwise Work in Progress folder

A user called the help desk reporting that a new version of her draft messages were being saved in the Groupwise 6.5.5 client’s Work in Progress folder every time the message draft was saved.  She also stated this started happening since we upgraded the backend from Groupwise 6.5.5 to 7.0.3.    

This did not end up being an upgrade issue.  Per TID 3002109 this behavior is configurable in ConsoleOne.  We enabled message retention shortly after our Groupwise upgrade, so the end user thought the upgrade caused this change, but the behavior is expected since our email retention software is capturing each revision of the message.
The TID explains:
Editing a mail message that has been saved to the Work In Progress folder will result in another copy of the message saved in the same place.
The Work In Progress folder needs to be able to purge the first copy in order to replace it with the new copy.  This option had been turned off in ConsoleOne, resulting in a new copy of the message each time it was changed.  To enable this setting, go to:
  1. ConsoleOne
  2. Select the Tools menu item
  3. Select the GroupWise Utilities menu item
  4. Select Client Options
  5. Click on the Environment button
  6. Click on the Clean Up tab
  7. Make sure that the box Allow purge of items not backed up is checked
Note: Third party utilities that are used for archiving messages will require that this box be unchecked.

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