Howto: Recreate a damaged Windows RSM database

We’ve had all sorts of issues on two of out three backup servers.  Veritas Backup Exec and Windows Server 2003’s Removable Storage Manager do not play nicely together.  I keep receiving errors in one of the event logs that state: 

Event ID 15 Source Removable Storage Serv
RSM cannot manage library CdRom0. The database is corrupt.
RSM cannot manage library CdRom1. The database is corrupt.
MS KB 235032 details how to manually restore a backup copy of the RSM database by setting the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\NTMS\ImportDatabase value to 1.  Of course I did not have a good copy of the database to restore and import, so I had to create a new RSM database.  Here’s what I did: 
  1. Stop the RSM service
  2. Rename the files in the %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData directory
  3. Restarted the server, which recreated the database files
 Note:  If you restart the RSM service, the database files will be created, but in my experience they became corrupt again almost immediately.  After restarting the server I say a new event in the system log that did not appear after I restarted the RSM service without rebooting:
Event 83 Source Removable Storage Serv
RSM is rebuilding its database file(s)

2 Responses to “Howto: Recreate a damaged Windows RSM database”

  1. Ethel Biscuit Says:

    Regarding step 2. “Rename the files…”

    Rename them to what???

  2. Ethel Biscuit Says:

    Oh, just found out for myself!;EN-US;288856

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