Fix: Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003, access denied

Symptoms observed when a Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003, “access denied”

  1. Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003 R2, “access denied “ 
  2. Starting the POA manually would show the POA GUI briefly, which then disappeared.
  3. Other POAs on the server started without error, ruling out gwpoa.exe corruption
  4. Verified no port conflicts with other POAs and services on the server
  5. Windows firewall disabled
  6. Ran POA service as Local System, service account, and local administrator
  7. Starting the POA as a service (with either standard service account or as Local System) would result in: 
event 102: The testpo POA service could not be started, error code: 8201
event 107: Service Testpo POA: Access denied.  Caller is not allowed acces to file (8201)
Error 8201 access denied ended up being a user rights assignment error.  We were able to determine which directory and files has incorrect permissions assigned by manually launching the POA from the \grpwise directory using the following syntax:
gwpoa.exe /noconfig /rights /home-\\win1\mail\testpo
where \\win1\mail\testpo was the path to the ‘testpo’ post office.
The problem was insufficient rights to the \\win1\mail\testpo\wpcsin\2 directory and it’s files, which were marked read only for some reason.  I was unable to remove the read only attribute despite being logged in as administrator with full control and ownership of these items.
To resolve this issue I viewed the properties of the \\win1\mail\testpo\wpcsin\2 directory.  I highlighted the administrators group and pressed the Advanced button.  I verified Administrators had full control and checked both boxes, Allow inheritable permissions… and Replace permission entries…  and pressed OK.
This recreated the permissions on the affected files and directory.  I was then able to load the POA without error.

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