Fix for path not found (8209) when loading Groupwise POA

My error was path not found (8209) \\nw1\vol1\logs\testpo when trying to load a POA on a SLES 10 SP1 Groupwise 7.0.3 server.  I had just migrated the POA named testpo from Netware to SLES manually rather than use the Groupwise Server Migration Utility since I wanted to have a good understanding what had to happen behind the scenes before I tried migrating my live system.

The path to \\nw1\vol1\logs\testpo was the POA log file location on the old Netware Groupwise server.  I knew that I needed to fix that path, but couldn’t find where Groupwise was pulling it from.  Things I tried to resolve the problem included:

  • Verified /log path to location reported was not specified in testpo.poa file on the SLES server
  • Verified in ConsoleOne that the POA object for testpo did not have the Netware path in question specified in the Groupwise > Log Settings > Log File Path
  • Deleted and recreated POA object for testpo
  • Deleted testpo.poa file and re-ran Groupwise install from SLES box, specifying post office named testpo and path to testpo database on the SLES server
  • Verified path to old Software Distribution Directory on Netware server was not shown in ConsoleOne > Tools > Groupwise System operations > Software Directory Management 
  • Verified path to old restore area on Netware server was not shown in ConsoleOne > Tools > Groupwise System operations > Restore Area Management 
  • Used gnome-search-toolto search the entire SLES server for files containing the text \\nw1\vol1\logs\testpo
    no files containing that text were found on the SLES server

The Fix ended up being rebuilding the testpo post office.  To do this:

ConsoleOne > Tools > Groupwise Utilities > System Maintenance > Rebuild Database

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