VMware Express Patch for ESX and ESXi 3.5 now available

Yesterday I wrote that VMware was promising a patch by noon PDT today to address their licensing issue that caused version 3.5 Update 2 ESX and ESXi machines not to power on, suspended machines not to leave suspended mode, and machines not be able to be migrated via Vmotion. 

Well, VMware has released patches for both systems ahead of schedule.  You can read about the patches here, or go directly to download the ESX or ESXi version of the patch.

You can read a huge thread on the VMware Communities forum about the experiences network administrators have had with this bug.  It’s currently 42 pages long, and lets just say many administrators who have tauted VMware’s software as the answer to high availability challenges have egg on their face today.  The thread is so lengthy the moderator has created new separate threads for technical and non-technical feedback.

You can also read a post from VMware CEO Paul Maritz  about this issue.

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