NETinVM: Like it sounds, an entire virtualized network in a single VM

I was trolling around the Internet today and came across NETinVM, from the guys at the RaDaJo security blog.  According to the NETinVM web site:

“NETinVM is a single VMware virtual machine image that contains, ready to run, a series of User-mode Linux (UML) virtual machines which, when started, conform a whole computer network inside the VMware virtual machine. Hence the name NETinVM, an acronym for NETwork in Virtual Machine. NETinVM has been conceived mainly as an educational tool for teaching and learning about operating systems, computer networks and system and network security, but other uses are certainly possible.”

You can see a drawing of the preconfigured network here.

After reading the documentation, it sounds like setup and using the software is simple.  Check it out the next time you need to work on your penetration testing skills.  NETinVM is available here.

One Response to “NETinVM: Like it sounds, an entire virtualized network in a single VM”

  1. Clay Says:

    Awesome find. I can definitely see the usefulness of a setup like that offered by NETinVM. Also wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. Good reading!

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