Manually Testing Wake On Lan

I’ve been unsuccessful thus far getting machines to Wake on Lan (WoL) through System Center Configuration Manger 2007.  I had enabled the computer to boot from the NIC in BIOS, and had configured Windows to not allow the network card to shut off to save power, but was still unable to wake the machine.

I came across Julien’s post that describes using a free utility to manually wake up a computer.  MC-WOL can be used from a command prompt to manually wake a WoL configured computer.  The syntax to do so is:

 mc-wol.exe  MacAddressOfWoLMachine

I was able to successfully boot my machine using mc-wol.exe, so my problem must be in SCCM.

Note that the link to in the reference article is no longer valid.  I found the utility here.

[Update 01-14-2009] has posted a new link to this utility

2 Responses to “Manually Testing Wake On Lan”

  1. Andy Helsby Says: has it available too and you don’t need to register for this one.

    I tried this a while back and couldn’t get it to work, but this has inspired me to try again…….

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the link. I love the simplicity of mc-wol. There are no complicated steps. It is really good for troubleshooting, or throwing into a batch file. I use it to turn on 2 computers with the one power button. As one computer turns on, it launches a scheduled task to send the magic packet to the other computer.

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