Converting Outlook Express .DBX files for use with Outlook 2007

Back in October 2007 I struggled with converting a user’s email from Outlook Express (OE) to Outlook. My problem was I neglected to export her OE email prior to joining her computer to the new Windows domain. I figured out a solution in the end, after hours of work.

Life would have been so much simpler if I had know about the DBXconv program, which I found via Claus’s Grand Stream Dreams. DBXconv is freeware that extracts messages from OE5 and OE6 mailboxes into various formats.

As a test I downloaded DBXconv and saved it into a directory with a copy of my OE mailbox files. I ran the following command to extract the messages into .eml format.

dbxconv -eml *.dbx

The utility quickly created a folder for each of my .dbx files and created an .eml file for each of my messages. I was then able to import the files into Outlook 2007 by:

1) Dragging the .eml files into Windows Mail

2) Exporting the messages from Windows Mail

3) In Outlook 2007, Selecting File – Import and Export – Import Internet Mail and Addresses

4) Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail

5) Check the Import Mail and Import Address book boxes and press Next

6) In the Import Addresses window you can set how you want duplicates to be handled – Select the option and click Finish

15 Responses to “Converting Outlook Express .DBX files for use with Outlook 2007”

  1. zlatan24 Says:

    I heard about not bad application-dbx extractor, is the DBX extractor tool, extracts and saves the user’s messages from files with the dbx extension that Outlook Express uses to store folders, messages and news on the local disk,an be used to reindex large *.dbx files,it can undelete messages accidentally deleted from the Outlook Express Deleted items folder,supports previewing the message bodies being recovered and stored in .dbx files (including corrupted dbx files),tool will work with any currently supported version of Outlook Express under Microsoft Windows operating system.

  2. Philippe Y Says:

    How can I do that : Dragging the .eml files into Windows Mail ???

  3. Jim H Says:

    Thanks for the link to DBXconv – you saved me quite a bit of time! The program worked great! I was able to recover email from a dead HD and convert it from .dbx to .mbx so I could import the messages into Mail on a Mac.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. sumedh Says:

    Thanks for this very useful information.

  5. Web-Hosting-Guy Says:

    Holy cow – thanks – this is rock solid. I had a computer crash situation and needed to get email from OLE to OL. What a time saver this has been. The dbx conversion worked great and I was able to import the new eml files quickly. I thought I was dead but this saved me butt. Thanks a bunch!


  6. JNPT Says:

    very Helpful Information. It really helps to have .dbx file works in outlook. I would also like to share a popular outlook express recovery software to Repairs & recovers corrupted, damaged Outlook Express .mbx & .dbx files & restores folders, emails, addresses, attachments etc. more efficiently.

  7. morion Says:

    THX a lot for your post, Julie !!!
    Thankfully I could restore all my dad`s mails, and for free.
    Best regards


  8. Al C Says:

    Hats off to you
    Worked like a charm

  9. Dave Dave Says:

    Worked well for me, I was transfering from an old XP machine using OE 6 onto a Vista Premium with Outlook 2007. Many thanks for the links and walkthrough.


    Dave Dave

  10. al Says:

    What do you mean by….

    1) Dragging the .eml files into Windows Mail

    2) Exporting the messages from Windows Mail


  11. Rohit Gupta Says:


    I felt like breaking my head, when I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 and came to know there was no way to import emails from Outlook Express to Office Outlook 2007.

    Pal you saved my life and day. Hats off to you.


  12. Importing Outlook Express .dbx to Office Outlook 07 .pst - discussion forums Says:

    […] Importing Outlook Express .dbx to Office Outlook 07 .pst…-outlook-2007/ Try this. "Idiot" Protection! 1. Google is your best friend… 2. …and your […]

  13. Ron Upton Says:

    The Link to dbxconv is now to a site in German. [Which is not comprehensible to me.] Have you a better link?

  14. Srinivas Says:

    Hi i have three sentitems folders with different name like sent items old.dbx, sent items old1.dbx etc. But OE 6 able to read sent items.dbx means in OE 6 i can see sent items folder what about other two folders. And one more thing other two folders are there in the same path as sent itemx.dbx. Please any early response would be appreciated.


  15. Mike Says:

    You can download the program from

    FYI – This is a DOS command line program not a GUI interface.



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