Automating the uninstall process for old versions of Java

Java is one of those programs that seems to keep old versions of the software in Add/Remove programs even after you update to the newest version.  Right now my machine is showing Java 6 Update 3, 4, and 5 in Add/Remove programs. 

I could go in and manually uninstall each of the older versions, but Raymond pointed out JavaRa, a tool that will go in and clean up old Java installations for you, including deleting previous entries of Java from the list in Add/Remove programs.

Check out this tool, especially if you’re running an older XP machine that’s been updated numerous times over the years.

4 Responses to “Automating the uninstall process for old versions of Java”

  1. CypherBit Says:

    This is nice indeed, wish it would be a cmd line/scriptable, but still it’s a lot better then my current manual Add/Remove routine.
    The same thing would be needed for Flash (not their GUI uninstaller) as well.

    Please post if you find something like this.

  2. Julie Says:


    See if

    removes all your previous versions of Flash Player. It worked for me.

    – Julie

  3. CypherBit Says:

    Julie, that definitely helps. Thank you very much.

  4. ludo Says:

    Thank you very much fro the tip! Hundreds of MB saved…

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