Fix: GWAVA 4 qms_digest.db keeps corrupting

One of my clients uses GWAVA for spam filtering on their Netware 6.5.7 / Groupwise 7.0.2 server.  After upgrading from GWAVA 3 to version 4 they kept experiencing problems where no one would receive their daily digests.  The GWAVA support staff diagnosed the corruption in qms_digest.db as the cause of why the digests were not being released.  Their initial throught was some anti-virus program was scanning the database configuration file and was causing the corruption, but the problem persisted even after excluding the pertinent files and directories from the scan.

I was finally able to track the cause of the corruption down to a scheduled nightly reboot of the Groupwise/GWAVA server.  It seems that not unloading the Groupwise MTA before unloading GWAVA was causing the problem when the server auto-restarted.

Here’s my gwreset.ncf file that unloads the MTA, unloads GWAVA, then restarts the server without causing the corruption in the qms_digest.db file.

# begin gwreset.ncf script to restart Groupwise/GWAVA server gracefully
unload gwmta
# delay.nlm waits x number of seconds before continuing
load delay.nlm
delay 30
# gwavadn.ncf unloads all GWAVA4 components in the correct order
delay 60
reset server -f
# end gwreset.ncf script to restart Groupwise/GWAVA server gracefully

Another problem I was experiencing was using nogwava.ncf instead of gwavadn.ncf to unload the GWAVA components.  nogwava.ncf was the proper script for GWAVA3, while gwavadn.ncf is the correct one to use for GWAVA4.

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