Fix: After installing Windows XP SP3, the Address Bar is Removed from the main taskbar

From the Windows XP General newsgroup, edit for French to English translation issues and brevity:

I just installed SP3 using Windows Update (I had XP SP2 Pro fully
updated). Everything went fine, I restarted the PC and apparently everything
fine after the desktop showed up (no error messages, etc). But after
examining my system I found the following:

The address bar is removed in the main taskbar, so I triedrRight clicking
on the taskbar > Toolbars> but notice that the Address option has been
removed in SP3.

To restore the Address toolbar in the taskbar, in the  %windir%\system32 directory, replace the SP3 version of browseui.dll with the SP2 version.  Windows File Protection gets in the way (and so does explorer.exe for the Windows desktop and some other processes).  The workaround is to use the PendingFileRenameOperations key in the registry.  

Values under this key specify which files to move, replace,
or delete when Windows starts up.  Get the file from
SysInternals (now a Microsoft company) which contains the
pendmoves.exe and movefile.exe utilities.  Pendmoves tells you what is
already in that registry key to get renamed on the next Windows startup
(afterwhich this key gets cleared).  movefile lets you add entries to
this registry key.  

If you haven’t yet installed Windows XP SP3, save a copy of the file: 

Start – Run – Cmd
md c:\backup 
copy “%windir%\system32\browseui.dll” c:\temp\

f you have already installed SP3, you will have to get a copy of
browseui.dl_ (ends with the underscore character) from your backups,
from a Windows SP2 install CD, from another of your hosts still running
Windows XP SP2, or from a friend that you really trust.  If you get the
compressed browseui.dl_ file, decompress it:

expand [drive:[path]]browseui.dl_ c:\backup\browseui.dll

Now that you have the old version of the browseui.dll file, you need to
replace the SP3 version with the old version.  Run the following
command in a DOS shell:

copy c:\windows\system32\browseui.dll c:\windows\system32\browseui_sp3.dll
movefile c:\backup\browseui.dll c:\windows\system32\dllcache\browseui.dll
movefile c:\backup\browseui.dll c:\windows\system32\browseui.dll


The assumptions are: movefile.exe is in the current directory or found
by the PATH environment variable and that you saved the old version of
browseui.dll under c:\backup.  

Do NOT use “%windir%\system32\browseui.dll” for the destination since the windir
environment variable won’t be defined when the move operation is
performed during Windows startup.  In the above, I save a copy of the
SP3 version of browseui.dll just in case it is found later that using
the old version causes problems and I have to revert back to using the
SP3 version along with having to sacrifice the Address toolbar.

While this gets back the Address toolbar in the Windows taskbar, the
browseui.dll file is used by lots of different functions within Windows.
So it is possible that reverting to the old version could cause problems
with other functionality. 

6 Responses to “Fix: After installing Windows XP SP3, the Address Bar is Removed from the main taskbar”

  1. Jon’s Geek Stuff … & Stuff » Fix: After installing Windows XP SP3, the Address Bar is Removed from the main taskbar Says:

    […] Fix: After installing Windows XP SP3, the Address Bar is Removed from the main taskbar […]

  2. rtadams89 Says:

    This doesn’t work. You are on the right track about the file protection getting in the way, but the backup of browseui.dll is NOT in the “dllcache” folder. It is actually in the “servicepackfiles” folder. I made a batch script that replaces that file, and the one in system32 automatically. You can download it from my site here:

  3. Citationx pilot Says:

    Install the MuvEnum address bar from CNET or another download source.
    You’ll be glad that you did

  4. Deb Says:

    Check the following page: –

  5. RTAdams89 Says:

    Link should be:

  6. Surfer Says:

    Rather than opening up a security risk that’s been patched… try this:
    1. create a new toolbar
    – right click on taskbar, toolbars, new toolbar (any folder)
    2. undock this new toolbar link (drag off taskbar into desktop)
    3. right-click on this undocked new toolbar and choose toolbars
    – the address option is still available here!
    4. enable address bar
    5. drag one or both of the toolbars (address and ‘new’) back to the taskbar
    6. remove the undesired toolbar and keep ‘address’


    (from :

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