Windows Server Firewall Exceptions for Remote Administration Tools

Microsoft has a web page that lists the various tools you can use to remotely administer a Windows Server system. The page lists each remote administration tool and the steps that are required to successfully use the tool with the Windows Firewall service enabled on the local or remote machine.

Firewall configuration details for the following remote administration tools are provided:

  • Active Directory Domains and Trusts (Windows Firewall: domain)
  • Active Directory Management (Windows Firewall: admgmt)
  • Active Directory Schema Management (Windows Firewall: schmmgmt)
  • Active Directory Sites and Services (Windows Firewall: dssite)
  • Active Directory Users and Computers (Windows Firewall: dsa)
  • Authorization Manager (Windows Firewall: azman)
  • Certificate Templates (Windows Firewall: certtmpl)
  • Certificates (Windows Firewall: certmgr)
  • Certification Authority (Windows Firewall: certsrv)
  • Certutil command (Windows Firewall: certutil)
  • Cluster Administrator (Windows Firewall: cluadmin)
  • Cluster command (Windows Firewall: cluster)
  • Component Services (Windows Firewall: comexp)
  • Computer Management (Windows Firewall: compmgmt)
  • Connection Manager Administration Kit Binaries (Windows Firewall: cmbins)
  • Connection Manager Administration Kit Wizard (Windows Firewall: cmak)
  • Device Manager (Windows Firewall: devmgr)
  • Dfscmd command (Windows Firewall: dfscmd)
  • DHCP (Windows Firewall: dhcpmgmt)
  • Directory Service Utilities (Windows Firewall: ntdsutil)
  • Disk Defragmenter (Windows Firewall: dfrg)
  • Disk Management (Windows Firewall: diskmgmt)
  • Distributed File System (Windows Firewall: dfsgui)
  • DNS Management (Windows Firewall: dnsmgmt)
  • Dsadd command (Windows Firewall: dsadd)
  • Dsget command (Windows Firewall: dsget)
  • Dsmod command (Windows Firewall: dsmod)
  • Dsmove command (Windows Firewall: dsmove)
  • Dsquery command (Windows Firewall: dsquery)
  • Dsrm command (Windows Firewall: dsrm)
  • Event Viewer (Windows Firewall: eventvwr)
  • Fax client console (Windows Firewall: fxsclnt)
  • Fax Service Manager (Windows Firewall: fxsadmin)
  • File Server Management (Windows Firewall: filesvr)
  • Group Policy Object Editor (Windows Firewall: gpedit)
  • IIS Application Management script (Windows Firewall: iisapp)
  • IIS Backup script (Windows Firewall: iisback)
  • IIS Configuration script (Windows Firewall: iiscnfg)
  • IIS FTP script (Windows Firewall: iisftp)
  • IIS FTP Virtual Directory script (Windows Firewall: iisftpdr)
  • IIS Help script (Windows Firewall: iisschlp)
  • IIS Service Extension script (Windows Firewall: iisext)
  • IIS Virtual Directory script (Windows Firewall: iisvdir)
  • IIS Web Management script (Windows Firewall: iisweb)
  • Indexing Service (Windows Firewall: ciadv)
  • Internet Authentication Service (Windows Firewall: iasmsc)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (Windows Firewall: iis)
  • IP Security Monitor (Windows Firewall: ipsecmon)
  • IP Security Policies (Windows Firewall: ipsecpol)
  • Local Security Settings (Windows Firewall: secpol)
  • Local Users and Groups (Windows Firewall: lusrmgr)
  • Network Load Balancing Manager (Windows Firewall: nlbmgr)
  • Network Monitor tools (Windows Firewall: netmon)
  • Performance (Windows Firewall: perfmon)
  • POP3 Service (Windows Firewall: p3server)
  • Public Key Management (Windows Firewall: pkmgmt)
  • Remote Desktops (Windows Firewall: tsmmc)
  • Remote Storage (Windows Firewall: rsadmin)
  • Removable Storage (Windows Firewall: ntmsmgr)
  • Removable Storage Operator Requests (Windows Firewall: ntmsoprq)
  • Resultant Set of Policy (Windows Firewall: rsop)
  • Routing and Remote Access (Windows Firewall: rrasmgmt)
  • Security Configuration and Analysis (Windows Firewall: sca)
  • Services (Windows Firewall: services)
  • Shared Folders (Windows Firewall: fsmgmt)
  • Telephony (Windows Firewall: tapimgmt)
  • Terminal Services Configuration (Windows Firewall: tscc)
  • Terminal Services Manager (Windows Firewall: tsadmin)
  • UDDI Services Console (Windows Firewall: uddi)
  • Windows Management Infrastructure (Windows Firewall: wmimgmt)
  • Windows Media Services (Windows Firewall: wmsadmin)
  • Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack (Windows Firewall: adminpak)
  • WINS (Windows Firewall: winsmgmt)
  • Wireless Monitor (Windows Firewall: wiremon)

Microsoft also has a guide to Windows firewall configuration by server role.

Thanks to David for the pointer to this article.

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