Mounting .ISO Images as Virtual CD/DVD Drives with MagicDisc

I was going to perform a remote installation of some server software today, but I had forgotten to have the local tech download the software for me ahead of time. Normally he burns the .iso image of the installation software to disk and puts the CD into the server’s drive so I can do the install, but I needed another solution since he’s off enjoying spring break while I’m hard at work.

I downloaded the installation software’s two .iso files to my remote Windows Server’s local drive, then installed the MagicDisc, a freeware utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs.

After installing MagicDisc, I right clicked the MagicDisc icon in the system tray.

MagicDisc Tray Icon

I changed the number of drives to 2 Drives, since I wanted to mount two .iso files at the same time.

Set Number of Drives

I now have F: and G: setup as my Virtual Disk Drives.

F and G Drives

    I highlighted F: No Media and Selected Mount

    F Drive Mount

    I browsed to the .iso image file and selected it. Now the contents of the .iso are accessible through Windows Explorer as F: Drive. I performed the same process for my second .iso image, and was then able to access that image’s contents through G Drive.

    I performed my software installation, then selected Unmount to dismount the .iso images.

    Other capabilities of MagicDisc include:

    • Can compress ISO image.
    • Can compress CUE MDS NRG CCD CIF image.
    • Can decompress UIF image file.
    • Can compress CD/DVD Disc to UIF image.
    • Can mount UIF image into virtual CD/DVD driver.
    • Can encrypte ISO CUE MDS NRG CCD CIF Image.
    • Can make ISO image from CD/DVD.
    • Can auto-mount ISO image after reboot.
    • Can create virtual CD/DVD driver up to 15 drivers.
    • Can mount ISO CUE MDS NRG CCD MDF BIN CIF and almost all CD/DVD image.
    • Can emulate Audio CD/Video CD/Super Video CD/DVD Video.

    4 Responses to “Mounting .ISO Images as Virtual CD/DVD Drives with MagicDisc”

    1. Hartmut Says:

      Hallo, aotomount is not working on one of my two computers. After rebooting the drive is empty. What to do?

    2. sabeel Says:

      Hi ,
      I have installed windows 2008 server . I have mounted the DVD when iam installing application its ask for cd but if we go to browse button it will not show the cd
      but physically presend in my computer
      kindly help for me..


      • Julie Says:


        Try unmounting the DVD, restarting the MagicDisc program, then remounting the DVD.


    3. Sabeel Says:

      Hi jule ,

      I have tried unmounting the DVD and i checked still same issue


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