How to change the SQL sa password from a command prompt

To change the SQL sa password from a command prompt:

Start a command prompt by typing StartRuncmd

Enter the following commands, pressing Enter after each line

OSQL -S yourservername -E
    1> EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘yourpassword’, ‘sa’
    2> GO

Where yourservername is the name of your server and yourpassword is the new sa account password.  Type exit twice to return to the server desktop. 

This works in SQL 2005, I don’t have access to other versions so I can’t say if it will or won’t work other versions of SQL.

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4 Responses to “How to change the SQL sa password from a command prompt”

  1. Ertugrul Tame Kara Says:

    Thanks for great advice!

  2. Matthew1Clarke Says:

    Nice one.
    Many thanks.

  3. fiona Says:
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  4. fiona Says:

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