Making Groupwise 7 and Blackberry Enterprise Server Communicate

I have a client who wanted to integrate Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) version 4.1.3 with his Groupwise 7.0.1 system. He already had a Windows 2003 SP2 server ready for me to install BES onto, so I figured it would be a quick job. I was wrong.

The first hurdle appeared when I started to run the BES setup program on the Windows 2003 server. The installer refused to run because the server was running in Terminal Services Application mode, which is not a supported configuration.

We changed our plan and started running the BES installer on a different Windows 2003 SP2 server, but this time the installer quit because we did not have at least SQL 2000 SP3a on the server. Determining which version of SQL 2000 is installed is not the easiest thing to do, so we just went ahead and downloaded and installed SQL 2000 SP4.

After installing SQL 2000 SP4 we were able to install BES without problems, but BES was unable to communicate with Groupwise. We determined the problem was the version of the Groupwise client installed on the BES server was 7.0.1 IR1, which is not a supported configuration – we’d later learn we needed to be on versions 7.0.2 or 6.5.6 FTF4. Utilizing client 7.0.2 would have required upgrading the entire Groupwise system, so we decided to backrev to client 6.5.6.

I uninstalled the 7.0.1 IR1 client, rebooted the server, then installed GroupWise 6.5
Support Pack 6, Update 1
dated June 27, 2006. After rebooting the server again, BES and Groupwise could not communicate.

We uninstalled the GroupWise 6.5 Support Pack 6, Update 1 client, rebooted, then tried GroupWise 6.5 Post SP6 Client Rev 4 dated November 10, 2006. We found this to be the required client version according to KB04164, but it didn’t work for us despite following the special installation instructions listed in TID 2974707. We kept receiving the following error message in gwenv1.dll when executing the client:

Entry point not found. WpfCheckAncestryAnd Read

I figured the problem had to lie with gwenv1.dll, so I checked the file’s date. C:\windows\system32\gwenv1.dll was dated 6/16/2006, while the gwenv1.dll found in GroupWise 6.5 Post SP6 Client Rev 4 was dated 11/6/2006.

I suspected the problem was that files from previous Groupwise client installations were not being overwritten by the new client installations. I uninstalled the GroupWise 6.5 Post SP6 Client Rev 4 client , rebooted, ran Messaging Architects’ GW CleanIT, rebooted, then reinstalled GroupWise 6.5 Post SP6 Client Rev 4 client per the TID’s instructions.

We were finally able to communicate with Groupwise through the BES server!

In hindsight, I wish I would have found Blackberry’s KB KB12662, “Perform basic troubleshooting steps for Novell GroupWise”, prior to beginning the BES installation. It probably would have saved us a few hours worth of work.

10 Responses to “Making Groupwise 7 and Blackberry Enterprise Server Communicate”

  1. Dan Says:

    Not an easy install by any measure. It is a pain getting everything to work properly. You saved yourself with your last paragraph…. Reading up on your installs before proceeding.

    BTW, if you flip the 2K3 server to term services AFTER the BES install, it will work. 😉

  2. Shawn Says:

    When you installed it to the server using the 6.5 client, did you keep the BES setting for Groupwise 7 or change it to 6.5?

  3. Julie Says:


    I had to change it to 6.5

    – Julie

  4. Shawn Says:

    Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know.

  5. Martin Says:


    Did you have to worry about the MDAC files versions, or did
    you use the default that are included in 2k3 server


  6. Julie Says:


    I used whatever MDAC files that were pushed down from Microsoft update. I don’t think it was an issue.


  7. Ronb Says:

    So how do verify comm between GW and BES? Is it enough to have the address book load? I can load it manually but get a GWConnector error as an event.

    Also how do you verify the trusted app is working?


  8. Julie Says:


    See with details on how to use a utility to verify the trusted app is working.

    You can also see which details how to use telnet to connect to a post office using the trusted app’s key.


  9. Fix for ConsoleOne.exe error - The procedure entry point WpSUDataLength could not be located in the dynamic link library gwenv1.dll « the back room tech Says:

    […] You can read about other gwenv1.dll issues I encountered that deal with the Groupwise client and Blackberry Enterprise Server […]

  10. Ian Wright Says:


    I also had difficulties installing the BES into our Groupwise
    system, I had all these issues and more, I have been left
    with one final issue, our Groupwise Document Management
    attachments will not deliver to the Blackberry as the internal
    attachment is only a link to the DMS BLOB file, RIM say they
    have written a number of distillers but none to provide
    a snapshot of the BLOB for the BE Server, one other point
    is RIM say that communication between the BES and the primary Server is the only connection required this is false
    as the client requests an IP Address from the Server translation table for BES redirection to secondary domains.
    I needed to perform all sorts of routing to allow the internet provider sticky DHCP Gateway to co-exist with a second gateway connected to a MPLS WAN.This Blackberry Server
    is a crude manipulation of client API’s, Novell would normally
    have written a Server agent to perform such a function on a TRIO, but for some strange reason Blackberries are popular.

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