Online port forwarding tester

Having problems getting applications to work through your firewall or router? Use the online Port Forwarding Tester to determine if your device is properly configured to pass traffic through the appropriate ports.

This application will automatically detect the public IP address your browser is originating from, or you can specify the IP of your choice. Next, enter the port number to test, and press the check button. The web site will tell you if that port is opened or closed.

If you’re note sure how to open ports on your particular router, check out They have a detailed list of routers and firewalls with step by step directions on setting up port forwarding for different devices.

If you need more information on what port forwarding is and why you would want to enable it, start here or checkout the FAQ. There is also a list of common ports that may need to be opened in order for your particular application to function properly.

One Response to “Online port forwarding tester”

  1. Abeon Says:

    Very useful information.
    I have also been using this tool:

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