Updating a Zenworks Office 2007 NAL app to Office 2007 SP1

If you already have a working Zenworks for Desktops (ZfD) Office 2007 NAL application, it’s extermely simple to update it to Service Pack 1.

1) Download Office 2007 SP1

2) Extract the Office 2007 SP1 files using the following syntax:

office2007sp1-kb936982-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:c:\sp1

where c:\sp1 is the directory to extract the files into.

3) Once the extraction process is complete, you should see several files in the c:\sp1 directory. Copy those files to the \Updates directory in your Office 2007 NAL app installation directory.

Any files located in the \Updates directory will automatically be installed when the NAL app executes, so you’ve just successfully updated your existing Office 2007 NAL app to SP1!

You can find additional SP1 deployment guidence on Technet. See KB 936982 for details regarding changes in SP1.

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