Howto: Remove eDirectory from a SLES 9 SP3 server

I’ve decided to format our SLES 9 SP3 server and put a nice, fresh installation of SLES 10.1/OES2 onto it. Before I can do that though, I need to remove the SLES server and it’s replicas from eDirectory.

From a console session on the SLES server, run the following command (logged in as root):

ndsconfig rm -a cn=admin.o=myO

(replace cn=admin.o=myO with appropriate administrative credentials for your environment)

You will be warned bad things may happen if you continue (paraphrased), so just press y to continue the removal process. Ndsconfig will do it’s thing, and hopefully eDirectory will be removed from the server.

Once the server is decommissioned I suggest running a dsrepair on the server that holds the master replica.

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