Groupwise 7.0.2 Client – connect to multiple Groupwise systems using unique icons

I have many users who have email accounts provided through multiple Groupwise systems. These systems are totally unrelated, and the users wanted easy ways to login to each system.

The procedure users had been following was to :

1) Launch the Windows Groupwise client

2) Type in their Logon ID

3) Type in the host name or IP address of the mail server

4) Type in the server’s listening port number (1677 by default)

5) Authenticate to Groupwise with their system specific password in order to access their email.


Needless to say, the help desk had received many phone calls from users who couldn’t remember which settings they were supposed to enter for each system.

My solution was to utilize Groupwise client startup switches with unique icons so users could just select which system they would access by double clicking an icon. An icon for each system meant the users didn’t have to remember the IP address or host name of the Groupwise system, it’s port number, and their User ID. All the fields were saved in the icon shortcut except for the password.

To make system specific shortcuts, first I created a new Windows shortcut to the Groupwise client executable file, which was located at C:\novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe.

Next, I edited the properties of the shortcut to reflect the settings for the first Groupwise system I was connecting to. The startup switches I used were:




The portion of the switches listed in red is what you would modify for your system’s specific configuration.

I ended up with a shortcut for each Groupwise system that looked like:

C:\novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe /@u-myuser / /ipp-1677


C:\novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe /@u-myuser2 / /ipp-1677

I labeled each icon as something meaningful to the user and saved them to the desktop, and now the help desk isn’t receiving phone calls about forgotten Groupwise client settings.

Please note that some of the startup switches for the Groupwise cross-platform client are not available or are slightly different than the Windows client.

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