OWA 2000/2003 + IE7 + Windows Vista = email editing problems

One of my co-workers just got a new Lenovo laptop with Windows Vista Business preinstalled.  Shortly after he started using it out in the field he reported problems composing and responding to messages in Exchange 2003’s Outlook Web Access.  I set him up with Outlook 2007 in cached mode, so that bought me some time until I could get some time to work on the issue.

I finally found the solution to this problem this week, in the form of an Exchange hotfix described in KB 911829.  This hotfix installs a new message editor that uses an Internet Explorer “iframe” instead of an ActiveX control.  Windows Vista no longer includes support for the ActiveX control that is used for HTML editing in Outlook Web Access.

The hotfix also fixes issues introduced with KB 912945 and KB 912812 where you must click inside the OWA compose frame before you can edit text. 

Please note, this is an Exchange, not Vista, hotfix.  Read more about the problem and solution at You Had Me At EHLO, a very well written Exchange blog.

One Response to “OWA 2000/2003 + IE7 + Windows Vista = email editing problems”

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    […] Vista = email editing problems October 31st, 2007 — Julie Earlier I wrote about an Exchange 2000/2003 hotfix that resolves Windows Vista/OWA message editing problems.  Well, after I applied the hotfix to our Exchange 2003 server, it took all of about an hour […]

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