Using the Groupwise 5.x Archive FID Editor to restore archived email

We have a user who’s iPaq kept having Groupwise synchronization issues.  It would work using Intellisync just fine for a few weeks, then would mysteriously fail.  We replaced the PDA and computer, and after much troubleshooting with the hardware and software manufacturers, it was decided the user’s Groupwise 7 SP1 account was the root of the problems.

We archived the user’s Groupwise mailbox, then deleted the user account.  We then recreated the Groupwise account, which associates the user with a new Groupwise FID, which causes the archive to be unaccessible to the new account.

To regain access to the archive we used the Groupwise 5.x Archive FID Editor 1.0.  We followed the instructions found in TID 1008914, but I found a few gotchas I’d like to make everyone aware of.

1) The syntax to use this utility is:


when specifying the new FID, the FID is case sensitive, and the process will fail if your case is incorrect or you will get a C067 error.  When specifying the domain with the full context, you must precede the domain with a leading dot (.) or the process will fail.

2)  You must be logged in as a Groupwise admin, or this process will fail.

3)  The easy way to find the user’s new FID is to login to the Groupwise client as the new user, and select Help – About Groupwise.  On the Username line, the Groupwise user name is displayed, followed by the FID in parenthesis.

The alternative way to identify the new FID is to launch ConsoleOne with the appropriate version of the Groupwise snapins installed.  Go the the properties of the user’s object, and select the Groupwise – Account tab.  The FID will be listed in the File ID line.

4)  The following errors usually mean you have an incorrect context specified:

DS Error checking rights! (0xFFFFFDA7)
Error Checking Password (0xFFFFFDA7)
Terminating Program

For more details see the following TIDs:

TID 3801441 How to create a GroupWise user with a specific File ID (FID) for accessing an archive, or restoring a deleted user

TID 10014261 How to use GWAFE510 (Archive FID Editor).

TID 10007859 How to recover mail for a GroupWise account which has been deleted and recreated

TID 10007859 How to recover mail for a GroupWise account which has been deleted and recreated

TID 3510373 How to import a user with their FID into GroupWise.

TID 10097853 Error moving or renaming a user with two-character FID

TID 10088507 Can you rename or change the FID for a remote mailbox?

5 Responses to “Using the Groupwise 5.x Archive FID Editor to restore archived email”

  1. Gert Says:

    TID 3801441 is rather a copy of a tip that I posted back in january 2005,


  2. Gert Says:

    TID 3801441 is a copy of my TIP in january 2005, see, which was based on an idea by Jacco Pijper, in the Netherlands.

  3. Gert Says:

    the WordPress editor added the , after the html link to the html link, therefor you get an error ;-), check for the working link …

  4. Gert Says:

    oops ! posted the info back in october … please remove all others

  5. Leslie Okray Says:

    I can’t believe how technology evolved along the yers, thanks for this article tough.

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