ZDM 7SP1 and the case of the missing nalagent.exe

We just pushed out updates to our Zenworks for Desktops agent, upgrading from version 7.1 hot patch 1 to version 7.1 hot patch 3, and all of a sudden some clients weren’t receiving their NAL apps.

I did some comparing of stations that had been upgraded against ones that still had the 7.1HP1 agent, and found that the 7.1HP3 machines were missing the c:\program files\novell\zenworks\nalagent.exe file!

It seems that this issue is fixed in the 7.1SP1 hot patch 3a agent. I personally deployed 7.1SP1 hot patch 6, which is current the latest agent available. I only upgraded workstation agents, I didn’t update any of my ZDM servers and everything seems to be going okay.

TID 3984745 has more information on this issue.

One Response to “ZDM 7SP1 and the case of the missing nalagent.exe”

  1. Clem Says:

    The problem isn’t always fixed in the 3a HP.
    We had the problem and it appears that the ZDM MSI has some pending file-rename operations to complete after reboot (The MSI log shows all is successful with the install). The files include nalagent.exe which is in use.

    After reboot, the file is deleted, but the new version is not written. This seems to be because the pending file-rename operation is overwritten in the registry – perhaps by some user action or another force run nal that is also taking place duing ZDM upgrade.

    That may help if 3a doesn’t resolve your issue.

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