Aardvark: A practical application for this Firefox add-on extension

Today, While I surfing instead of finishing a report I have to present Monday, I came across the Aardvark extension for Firefox. This add-on allows you to remove excess clutter from web pages so they look cleaner, print faster, and consume less ink.

For my example I took this web page and decided to remove the unwanted elements.

Here is what it looks like in Firefox


And here is a print preview of the same web site


I right-clicked the web page, and selected Start Aardvark


A red box appears, and I select the Toshiba advertisement


Pressing R removes the Toshiba image


I continue to remove all the unwanted objects from the page. Here’s the finished result


And here’s what the de-cluttered web page looks like in Print Preview

It was easy to use Aardvark, and I’ll continue to use it when I need to print a page that doesn’t have a printer friendly option. It also helps to remove unwanted objects around a section of a page you want to screen capture.

One Response to “Aardvark: A practical application for this Firefox add-on extension”

  1. rob Says:

    I think you’d like it a lot more if you used the W command (which “widens” the selection) and the I command (which “isolates” the selected item by removing everything else

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