Howto: enable debug logging in the Netware Client 4.91 for Windows

I’ve been experiencing some intermittent weirdness in one of the networks I support. I can logon to workstations just fine as any user – expect one created in the past week. It doesn’t matter where in the tree I create the new users, or which version of ConsoleOne I use to create them with.

The login errors don’t happen at all locations, and they don’t happen every day, they just occur randomly. My first thought was that some of the eDirectory servers were out of sync, so I did all the recommended dsrepairs, made sure time was in sync across the servers, enabled eDirectory debugging using dstrace, but could not find any errors at all.

This is definitely user specific – the errors follow the users to whichever WAN segments they login to, regardless of which server they authenticate to. It doesn’t matter which version of the Novell client we use either – we’ve tried 4.91 SP2, SP3, and the recently released SP4, all fully patched. I’ve worked on getting all the eDirectory servers up to version 8.8.1, hoping that would change things, but it hasn’t.

I decided I needed to figure out what was happening at the client level during login, so I figured I just turn on logging for the Novell Client – but I couldn’t find any information on how to do that anywhere. I searched for hours before I came across TID 3059353, “How to obtain an NWGINA.DLL debug log”. Why they wouldn’t just call this TID “How to enable Novell Client logging” or something similar I’ll never understand. Trust me, nwgina.dll debug was not something I was Googling or searching for!

It turns out that since Novell Client 4.91 SP3, you can enable debug logging by creating the following registry key:


This will create a log file named nwgina.log in your %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.

You can optionally create the following value to specify a maximum size for nwgina.log If you don’t create this value, the nwgina.log file will be overwritten every time you login via the client.


where MaxLogFileSize is a number from 1 to 4194303 (in KB).

On a related note, see TID 3112868 for information on enabling logging of all types in Zenworks Desktop Management (ZDM) 6.5 and 7.

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