Howto: Gather troubleshooting information for OES/SLES Linux using Novell’s supportconfig tool

Novell released two new Linux troubleshooting tools this week (See TID 3513679 for details).  One is specific only to NSS volumes on OES clusters, while the other, supportconfig, gathers all types of information about your server.

Getting started with supportconfig is really simple.  Download the rpm, then install it using the following syntax from a terminal session.

rpm -Uvh supportconfig-2.15-20.noarch.rpm

supportconfig’s command line options include:

 Usage: supportconfig [ -h | -ACDdeLlmsv ]

   -h This screen
  -A Activates all supportconfig functions with additional
     logging and full rpm verification.
  -C Creates a new default /etc/sysconfig/supportconfig
  -D Use defaults; ignore  /etc/sysconfig/supportconfig
  -d Exclude detailed disk info and scans
  -e Search root filesystem for eDirectory instances; -L
     implied. Be patient.
  -L Create a full file listing from ‘/’
  -l Gathers additional rotated logs
  -m Only gather a minimum amount of info: basic env, basic health, hardware, rpm, messages,  2logs
  -s Include full SLP service lists
  -v Performs an rpm -V for each installed rpm
     NOTE: This takes a long time to complete

I ran supportconfig -Al on my Sles10 Zenworks server, and ended up with a 2.8MB tarball of information.  Decompressed, it ended up being 48.5MB of text files, 51 files in all.  The amount of information it provided was amazing.  I found novell-edir.txt, ldap.txt, and sysconfig.txt to be of the most value for me personally. Give it a try and see what you find out about your systems.

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