Windows Live Folders are back – sort of…

The Windows Live Folders web site is back from the dead.  I was able to login to the site with my Passport account, but had to provide some personal infomation and accept their service agreement and privacy statement.  Once I submitted and agreed, I received the following message:

Signup was unsuccessful

Sorry, this beta service isn’t accepting new participants right now. However, you can use other people’s folders if they give you permission. To find out when space becomes available for you to join this beta, sign up for the mailing list or visit the team blog.

I was sooo disappointed.  I had been one of the beta testers before the site was taken down in May 2007.  I had stashed a bunch of tools in my Live Folder that I use on the job and need access to when I forget my flash drive.  It was nothing irreplaceable, just a nice convience.

What I’m really waiting for is the alleged “GDrive“, which is supposed to be Google’s equivalent to Windows Live Folders.  Personally, I’d do everything through iGoogle if I could.  The majority of the Google apps are great – but I’m still upset with how they screwed up the Google Notebook interface to the point I don’t even use it anymore… but that rant is for another day. 

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