Which anti-virus software should I use?

As a professional consultant, my clients always look to me for guidance regarding which software programs to use. I’d say 90% of my new clients use Symantec/McAfee programs because:

  1. Their computer/server came pre-installed with it.
  2. Name recognition – they’ve never heard of any of the other A-V manufacturers
  3. Their previous network support staff recommended it, and they’ve never considered other options

I make my recommendations based upon scientific testing methodologies that must be reproducible. One site I visit the most is av-comparatives.org which releases quarterly reports detailing how some of the most popular anti-malware products fare. You can check out the results overview or view the comparison details (they discourage linking to their site’s subpages).

Go see how your anti-virus program compares. Other good websites to visit include av-test.org, checkvir.com, icsalabs.com, westcoastlabs.org, and Virus Bulletin.

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