When GWIA won’t unload and the server hangs

I updated my NW65SP6 Groupwise 7.0.1 server to 7.0.2 Hot Patch 1a yesterday, and my gwia kept abending when I tried to restart it or exit it. It didn’t matter if gwia was loaded in protected memory or not, it would just lock the system console. I was unable to down the server, spawn a new process, or restart the server from Netware Remote Manager. I had to walk down to the server room and physically restart the machine to regain access to it.

I found that you can enable the kill threads on exit or restart option in ConsoleOne from the gwia object’s SMTP/MIME settings page. This forces the gwia to terminate all current threads and exits almost immediately without locking up the server. You’ll have to cycle the gwia for this setting to take effect, and killing threads without a proper shutdown can theoretically lead to data loss.

You could specify this setting in both eDirectory and the gwia.cfg file in versions of Groupwise prior to 7.0.1, but now ConsoleOne moves the gwia.cfg file settings into the wpdomain.db file. You can still use the gwia.cfg file to override the ConsoleOne settings, but it didn’t work for me, so good luck.


Here’s Novell’s Explanation from the Groupwise 7 installation guide (accurate as of 06-14-2007):

Consolidated Configuration Information (v7.0.1)

Before GroupWise 7 SP1, Internet Agent configuration information was stored both in eDirectory, as properties of the Internet Agent object, and in the Internet Agent configuration file (gwia.cfg). Starting in SP1, all primary configuration settings have been consolidated into the properties of the Internet Agent object. Secondary settings are still available only through the startup file.

When you update an Internet Agent to GroupWise 7 SP1 and access the Internet Agent object in ConsoleOne, all primary configuration settings are moved from the startup file into eDirectory. ConsoleOne no longer writes configuration settings to the startup file. Switches in the startup file can be used to override the settings in ConsoleOne.

Please note that the under the Internet Agent Fixes section of the readme for Groupwise 7 SP2 it states:

The /killthreads startup switch immediately kills all Internet Agent threads

so does that mean if you’re using a pre 7.0.2 gwia, this switch doesn’t work?

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